Passion from Generations

Our farm is located on the hills of Vasto, under the lee of Adriatic sea, in Selvotta, Buonanotte, Colle Pizzuto and Montevecchio pleaces. In this paradise corner we cultivate our vineyards and olive-groves, but principally we make our Oil.

Make extravirgin olive oil is a challenge and a pleasure, nourished by passion which has been passed down for three generations. The respect of traditions, of times, of nature, added to modern technics of picking and transformation in our oil-mill, allow us to transform the olives in a few hours from picking, so that we have fragrant extravirgin olive oils, rich of scents and beneficent properties that nature hides in drupes.

Selvotta’s Oil tells all about this, but more than anything else expresses his quality on any dish or on a slice of bread